经典英文演讲稿The rhythm of life

  how well are we in tune with the rhythm of life? in our busy day to day existence, we dont often stop to ask ourselves this question. at least i dont. and it wasnt until i joined a competitive sporting event that i learned a most important lesson we must place our mind in harmony with the natural order of things to be successful.

  let me tell you what happened.

  i decided to take part in an international marathon in my hometown last year. being an ambitious person, i hoped to finish it within 5 hours, accompanied by my friend with whom i had trained.

  the big day finally arrived. readysetbang and we were off.

  at first, we kept a rapid pace and ran nonstop. at this pace, we finished the first 20 kilometers in 2 hours and i thought running a marathon was a piece of cake. then my running mate began to slow down. i urged him to keep running at the same pace but he said no, he wanted to conserve his energy. i felt i had partnered with the wrong person, therefore, i sprinted on and left him behind in the dust.

  a few kilometers later, i began to understand his strategy as my pace slowed to a jog then a walk. after that i was incapable of moving another step. i was humiliated as more and more people ran passed me. more than once i thought maybe i should quit. i started to doubt my ability to finish this race.

  at this moment, my running mate caught up with me and slapped me on the back. follow me, he shouted. he had balanced his marathon pace and was encouraged me to do the same. for the rest of this grueling contest, we walked, jogged, ran a few miles, and walked again. slowly, painfully but hopefully this time, we established the most suitable pace within the natural flow of our physical capabilities.

  eventually we accomplished our first marathon of 42 kilometers in 4 and half hours. i asked myself, what did this marathon mean to me? my marathon experience became an influential metaphor for my life about how we must learn to pace ourselves in everything, by being in tune with the rhythm of life.

  like the tide that ebbs and flows, we must listen to advice but make our own decisions. like the show at dawn and dusk, we must learn to balance pride and modesty. and from the way the wind can both shout and whisper, we must learn when to be strong and when to be gentle, for everything moves in its own rhythm and its own yin and yang elements. it is the interaction of these complementary extremes that produces harmony, as laozi said, extremes meet. since the marathon, this notion of two opposite forces working together has been my running partner, so to speak. yin and yang exist everywhere, constantly interacting, and never existing in an absolute condition.

  ladies and gentlemen, life is like running a marathon, let us discover, define and develop a natural rhythm of life, in order to achieve both harmony and success.

  thank you for listening.


  It is human nature that all of us should be fond of beauty. Everybody was born with a heart for beauty.

  Today in China,with the rising of our living standard, peoples requirement of beauty has been heightened accordingly. Some people spare no money or energy on beautiful clothes, fashionable hair styles,the decoration of their houses and even the improvement of their looks. But it seems to me,all these are more or less confined to the beauty in appearance,or rather,the outward beauty.

  In my opinion,we shouldnt only pay attention to beautiful appearance and neglect the beautification of the mind and what we are after should be the perfect unity of the outward beauty and the inner beauty. As we all know,so far as objects and animals are concerned,there is only beautiful appearance to be mentioned, but to us humanbeings, although the outward beauty really matters, the inner beauty is much more important. This was confirmed by a famous Russian writer in words much like this: A person is not lovely for being beautiful but beautiful for being lovely.

  Here, Id like to quote two typical instances and Im sure, my dear friends,from them youll find out what real beauty is.

  Recently I learned from the radio an unpleasant incident about a well known singer. She is very charming with a sweet beautiful voice and very famous for singing the song.Devotion of Love。

Not long ago,she was invited to Zhejiang Province to give performance. The moment she was to appear on the stage,she suddenly asked for more reward. Worse still,after her request was satisfied, she didnt begin to sing at once. Instead,she took her time to count all the money piece by piece. Thus she kept the audience waiting for half an hour. So when she at last showed up and started to sing Devotion of Love,a man rose up from his seat and shouted at her,You dont have any devotion of love. You are not qualified to sing this song ! Hearing this, the singer stopped singing and began to shout abuses with her finger pointed at the man. At this time the whole audience burst into an uproar.

  How disappointed her keen listeners were when they learned this! It is the singer herself who spoiled her beautiful image in the eyes of others.

  Now, Im coming to another true story. Its about a poor, ordinary looking old woman. She was a widow without any children, living barely from hand to mouth by picking odds and ends from rubbish heaps. However,she took in more than ten homeless orphans successively and managed to bring them up. Every day she labored from morning till night. In order to earn as much money as possible to raise the children and to keep them in school,she even went to a hospital regularly to sell her blood. She got so weak for the loss of blood that she sometimes fell in a faint on her way home.

  When asked why she chose to burden herself with so many children,she smiled and simply answered,Oh,I love children and I like to have their company.

  Though the old woman was poor materially, she was full of affection and rich in spirit. She was loved dearly by her children. She was also highly appreciated by the local government, and truly respected by people in her community.

  Maybe you cant help wondering, What makes that ordinary woman so extraordinary? It is nothing else but her inner beauty, her true devotion of love without any thought of rewarding. What a sharp contrast there is between the great woman and the selfish singer.

  So,to answer the question What is real beauty?,I declare definitely,it is the beauty lying in ones heart of hearts and embodied in his actions and deeds,that is,the inner heauty!


  Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Its my great honor to be here and I am very happy to see you all. Thank you for being here. What I am going to talk about today is how to speak good English. MAKING

  First of all, Id like to talk about the importance of speaking good English and share my experience in learning English with you. As you know, English has become an international language. Wherever you go, English is always commonly used. It is convenient to know the language. At the same time, English may be the most important factor in deciding which countries are leaders in the future. The language of the most advanced management and technology is undoubtedly English. Being able to absorb this information is really the key to the new century. In the 21century. We cant go there and speak our own language because nobody is going to learn it in order to understand us. Our Asian rival, India, has surged ahead of other developing countries in information technology because of its superior English skills. Unlewe are able to master English, we will not be able to get our population to use IT and take advantage of the new economy. There is an urgent need to have a workforce which is proficient in the language in view of the information technology onslaught.

  Second, about learning English, I think laying a strong foundation is the first and most important step. In other words, you should read and speak English every day. Memorizing new words and phrases is also helpful. Of course, learning English takes some time, so dont be impatient. Remember, Rome wasnt built in a day. And then since English is not our native tongue, we must develop the muscles of your speech organs to produce unfamiliar sounds. When you read, read as loudly as possible, as clearly as possible and as quickly as possible. Tongue muscles training is of importance in learning any foreign language.

  Third, if you want to speak good English, please dont care how poorly well you speak, only care about catching the chances to speak. You must enjoy losing face, just forget about your face. The more you speak, the better your English will become. The more mistakes you make, the more progreyou will make. You must enjoy speaking poor English, because speaking is the only thing that will lead you towards success. Dont give up. Just try your best. Every time you move your mouth, your memory will deepen, your muscles will strengthen. You can make it.